Chip & PIN updates

17th June

Sharp UK are pleased to announce Sharp POS Software V4 support for the latest integrated secure Ocius Sentinel Chip & PIN solution.

The Ocius Sentinel solution offers enhanced security encryption and meets the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), this means that payment card data is fully encrypted throughout the whole payment process.

Please click the contact tab for more information on how you can benefit from a totally integrated, secure Chip & PIN EPoS solution.


New Flat Touch PC Based Terminal

1st April 2013

Built to meet the demands of virtually any hospitality, convenience or retail environment, the Sharp RZ-X750F point of sale system offers superior performance so it’s ready to dish out exceptional operational capabilities and greater customer service.

With a standard Intel® Atom™ dual core processor (1.8GHz), the RZ-X750F is a powerful EPoS terminal can help steer your business towards growth. Other standard features include 2 GB of memory, plus a powered USB that helps reduce the number of required outlets. 
The large and bright IP66 water and dust resistant 15” colour LCD touch screen sits on a small and compact chassis which makes it ideal for even the most space challenged of environments.  The upright stand also allows all cables to be neatly stored inside it allowing for a tidy counter top appearance.

The RZ-X750F features a fanless architecture which allows for peace of mind and for ongoing maintenance to be limited.  The fanless construction together with the Intel® Atom™ processor gives good performance whilst being energy efficient. With many different connectivity options, the RZ-X750F is suitable for many different retail and hospitality environments.


The RZX750F is ideal for hospitality environments where there is a possibility of dust and/or water ingress to the front LCD screen.For example:

· Pubs and bars

· Restaurants

· Bakeries

· Fast food 

Also suitable for retail environments with large product files who require fast and efficient processing power 


New XEA107 and XEA137 content

8th November 2012

The complete manuals for the new XEA107 and XEA137 series of Electronic Cash Registers is now on the Sharp UK EPoS Microsite within the 'Resources' section.


The easy to use PC Linksoftwae for the XEA137 series has also been uploaded to the PC Link tab of the 'Resources' section.  

The FREE TO DOWNLOAD PC Link software allows easy programming of PLUs, departments, prices and tax rates and is also a convenient way to manage the receipt header and footer text.  The PC Link software requires an SD Card (Sandisk is recommended) so that data can be uploaded from the card to the Electronic Cash Register.  Please consult the full instruction manual or Sharp's FAQs for more details.  

The sales data from the Cash Register can also be saved to the SD card and is saved as a csv format, which means it can be viewed on a PC from within Microsoft Excel for a convenient way of storing sales information.  


Sharp release new feature-rich series of Electronic Cash Registers

Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd, are launching 5 new models to their best-selling XE-A Electronic Cash Register range.

The new models are:







Common features to all models are a class leading large multi-line operator

display, which is ideal for retailers who need a professional, reliable and easy to use machine. 


All models also feature fast and silent thermal printing, which gives professional looking receipts.  For ease of use, the printers feature drop-in paper loading, allowing time savings during busy periods.

The new Sharp range features a useful SD card slot, allowing for data to be backed-up and then exported to a PC.  A free PC programming tool is also available on all models enabling users to save time by sending pre-set data to the Electronic Cash Register.  The PC programming tool also has a useful graphic logo function, which allows for company logos to be printed on receipts for an individual touch.


All models include a lockable full-size sturdy metal cash drawer with 5 note and 8 coin compartments, allowing users to organise their money effectively and safely. 


This new range of machines also has a time-saving automatic menu function, which is a useful feature for automating routine tasks.


Kevin English, Product Manager at Sharp UK commented.  “We are very excited to be launching this new range of Electronic Cash Registers with a number of new and compelling features. For example, a particular feature we’ve added to the highest spec model, the XEA307, is support for barcode scanning to allow for fast customer service and to help minimise potentially costly input errors.”


To find out more about the new XE-A Electronic Cash Register range please go to the product section of the microsite.

Sharp release new cost-effective PC based EPoS terminal

Sharp Electronics (UK) has announced the launch of the RZ-X650, an affordable and reliable PC-based EPoS terminal offering strong performance.

The bright 15" colour LCD screen sits on a compact chassis, making it ideal for outlets where space is limited.  The upright stand also enables all cables to be neatly stored inside, allowing for a tidy counter top appearance.

The RZ-X650 features a fan-less architecture, allowing for peace of mind and for limited ongoing maintenance.  The fan-less construction together with the Intel (R) Atom (TM) Processer gives great performance with maximum energy efficiency.

Kevin English, Product Manager at Sharp UK commented, “Multiple connectivity options make the RZ-X650 suitable for a diverse variety of retail and hospitality environments, while its small footprint and simplicity of design make it the ideal solution for businesses where space and time are at a premium.”

RZ-X650 Features and Benefits

• Industry Standard Operating System: Windows XE Embedded POS Ready 2009.

• Reliable Processer: Intel (R) Atom (TM) N270 running at 1.6GHz.

• Flexible and scalable with 4 USB ports and 3 powered RS232 ports.

• Compact and upright design takes up minimal counter space.

• VGA port allows for an additional monitor to be connected for use as a customer display and for advertising purposes.

• Flexible moveable screen angles to suit most working environments.

• Optional 2 line alpha-numeric customer display.

• Bright 15" LCD touch screen.

• Easy to customer mount with support for the industry standard VESA mounting.

• Fan-less architecture means minimal parts, this allowing for maintenance to be minimised.

• Good dust and water resistance on touch screen to IP22 level.

Business done differently: If cash flow is king, the queen is a reliable cash register

September 2011

This video features Product Manager Kevin English giving an insight on the suitabiliy of Sharp ECRs and EPoS systems for a range of diverse business needs.  

Find out more:!/2493/business-done-differently/

Sharp UK now stock Star SP742 Printers with the Ethernet board pre-fitted

September 2011

In addition to the popular Star Micronics Thermal and Dot-matrix POS Printers, Sharp UK now stock an IP version of the Star SP700
series kitchen printer with the Ethernet board pre-fitted.
This printer has been tested on the following Sharp platforms:
• UP3500
• Sharp POS Software V4

Sharp Partners Ex-Now for Cloud Computing EPoS Solution

September 2011

Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd. and Postillion Limited today announced an industry-first cloud computing solution for Sharp’s best-selling XE-A electronic cash register range. 

Postillion Limited are the development company behind ExNOW, a powerful web based system which delivers permanent, real-time visibility of all business trading activity direct from a Sharp electronic cash register.  It is low cost, simple to install and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an internet connection and PC browser.

Sharp Product Manager, Kevin English, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Postillion on this totally new approach to managing business operations.  Having a web-based reporting system allows users of our electronic cash registers to obtain real-time sales data wherever they are, freeing them up to concentrate on other aspects of running their business. Data can be sent from a single till or a chain of stores. “

John Johnson, Managing Director of Postillion Limited added “Sharp are a key player in the Electronic Cash Register market and we are very pleased to be working with them on this cloud computing solution.  The ExNOW system will enrich the functionality and usability of what is already an industry leading range of products and provide significant benefits to any organisation that operates an electronic cash register “

Key points about Ex-Now Solution
• 24/7 real time access to trading data from anywhere in the world
• Simple to install
• No expensive back office server/software required
• Simplified cash register set-up
• Easy to navigate and understand
• Excellent reporting tools including instant data graphs
• Ability to export data to Excel or other
• Security control measures
• Automated long term data warehousing
• Low cost

Sharp release new PC based EPoS terminal

August 2011

The new Sharp RZ-X650 EPoS terminal is an affordable and reliable PC based machine offering strong performance.

The large and bright 15" colour LCD screen sits on a small and compact chassis, making it ideal for outlets where space is limited.  The upright stand also enables all cables to be neatly stored inside, allowing for a tidy counter top appearance.

The RZ-X650 features a fanless architecture, which allows for peace of mind and for ongoing maintenance to be limited.  The fanless construction together with the Intel (R) Atom (TM) Processer gives good performance, whilst being energy efficient.

With many different connectivity options, the RZ-X650 is suitable for a variety of diverse retail and hospitality environments.

E-Table Solution Featured in Humans Invent

July, 2011

To read the article please click link

New Point of Sale terminal launched!

February 2011

The new UPV5500SSD Point of Sale terminal delivers good hardware performance at an attractive and affordable price point. 

The large 15” colour LCD touch screen sits on a small and compact chassis which makes it ideal for even the most space challenged of environments. 

With a product design that is based on Sharp’s popular and established UPX500 platform, the UPV5500SSD features a fanless architecture which allows for peace of mind and for ongoing maintenance to be limited. 

The UPV5500SSD is the ideal all round Electronic Point of Sale terminal.

New UP3500 Case Study Added

November 2010

Wolfies Wine Bar is a popular and contemporary wine bar situated on a prime location overlooking the Skegness sea front.  The wine bar has two floors and features an upstairs restaurant - The Hungry Wolf, which serves a wide variety of dishes catering to all tastes.

The wine bar identified a need to implement a dynamic and cost effective EPOS solution in order to cope with the large number of customers during peak trading hours.

Sharp were delighted to provide an EPoS solution for Wolfies Wine Bar and worked with CRS Business Systems, a premier Sharp specialist solution provider to implement a system consisting of 3 UP3500 terminals, featuring bar printers, kitchen printers and cash drawers. The solution offered also utilises a back office stock package developed by MicroTrend and supplied by CRS Business Systems, in order to give Wolfies full stock control, reporting functions and control over all aspects of the point of sale, such as price or keyboard changes.

The Sharp UP3500 EPoS terminals and software solution have already brought many business benefits for Wofies Wine Bar, such as:

  • Promotions that can be tailored easily to help increase sales.
  • The full table tracking function that helps minimise mistakes and results in improved customer service.
  • Kitchen printing from the EPoS terminals directly to the kitchen to allow faster processing speeds, thus reducing waiting times and improving customer service and minimising erroneous orders, which contributes to profitability.
  • The fully automated Sharp bill separation feature, that helps Wolfies speed up payment of checks and reduces any potential costly bill calculation mistakes.

Mrs Sarah Hussey, Manager of Wolfies, was involved in the whole process of selecting and implementing the new EPoS system and commented, “We are delighted with our new state of the art system. Not only is the design of the Sharp UP3500 stylish and contemporary, the full colour touch screen is incredibly easy to use.  As we frequently get busy, the easy to use screen interface allows our servers to offer fast service and the useful guest tracking system has helped us eliminate server errors.  None of us are technical and it is reassuring that such a sophisticated EPoS sytem is so simple and intuitive.  The Stock Manager system is also particulary useful for my job as it gives me an extra level of visibility on our sales, which aids my ordering decisions.”

Mr Paul Doughty, director of CRS Business Systems said, “It was a pleasure to work with the team at Wolfies during the consulation and implementation period of their new Sharp UP3500 EPoS system.  As a Sharp Premier Partner, we have found the system flexible enough to enable it to be customised for a wide variety of hospitality outlets.  The Sharp EPROM technology gives the end-user an incredibly stable system and in the event of a power cut, we know that all sales data is safely stored in the memory.”



Sharp Provide EPOS Solution to Rapha Pop-up Store


Founded in 2004, Rapha is an English company that has quickly gained a reputation for creating some of the finest cycling clothing and accessories available. With products designed for the discerning rider, the company stands for a blend of style and optimum performance.

The new Rapha Cycle Club opened in May for a limited period of three and a half months as a celebration of road racing. Based in the heart of London, the club combines gallery, shop and café, to create a hub where cycling enthusiasts can share their passion for riding. Sharp were delighted to provide an EPoS system for both the shop and cafe and worked closely with Rapha to determine the best solution for each, ultimately choosing 2 units of the UP3500 EPoS terminal. Each terminal features a Star Micronics thermal printer and cash drawer. The solution is unique because it features a live trial of a web based reporting tool, ExNow, which allows the store managers anytime anywhere access to their sales data.

The Sharp UP3500 EPoS terminals and software solution have already seen many business benefits for Rapha Cycle Club, including:

  • An easy to view bright colour touch screen that gives an intuitive user interface
  • An integrated customer display that provides accurate information to customers
  • Fast clerk sign on with the Sharp contactless clerk key system
  • Quick thermal printing and professional receipts with the Star TSP650 series printer
  • Live real-time web reporting with accessibility from any PC/MAC
  • The facility to save sales reports as Excel

Stuart Clapp, responsible for the day-to-day running of the club, commented, “All the staff at the store have found the Sharp UP3500 EPoS system extremely easy to use. Up till now, Rapha have focused on the online retail space and expanding into a clicks and mortar operation has forced us to learn new skills. Thanks to the user friendliness of the Sharp EPoS system, the transition has been very smooth, allowing us to focus on selling rather than operating a complicated till set-up. As an added benefit, the contemporary design of the Sharp machine has also blended in perfectly with the pared-down styling of our shop.” 

Sharp offer a full range of Electronic Cash Registers and EPoS terminals suitable for retail and hospitality businesses of all sizes.

XEA series PC Link software available as a free download

June 2010

Sharp have made the XEA series PC Link software available as a free download from the 'Resources' section of the UK EPoS Microsite.

The XEA PC Link software is a useful free programming tool that is an essential resource for any
retail or hospitality user.  Easy to install and use, it enables users to programme their Electronic Cash Register directly from their PC, thus making price changes or item description changes very easy.  For peace of mind, a back up of the cash registers data can be saved on a PC.

To ensure that professional receipts are given to customers, the PC Link has a useful graphic logo function.  This allows an image such as a shop’s logo to be sent from a PC to the Cash Register and printed on the receipt.

With so much functionality in a FREE easy to use software package, the Sharp XEA PC Link software is an indispensable tool for a retail or hospitality user of any size.


Main Functions

  • Programme ECR settings
  • Modify default ECR settings
  • Receive program data from ECR and modify
  • Saving ECR program data
  • Creating a graphic logo and use on printed receipts


Some benefits of Easy Programming:

  • Modify price/item/department data directly from a PC - saves time and minimise mistakes
  • Upload graphic logos - create professional
    looking receipts
  • Manage clerk names - easy to use drop down menus
  • Easy to programme VAT rates - avoid costly programming errors


Support Information

Supported Electronic Cash Registers


Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • IBM PC or 100% compatible
  • Intel Pentium III 500-MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 60 MB free hard disk space


Operating System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2
  • Windows 7 Home Premium Edition


Sharp add three new black models to their best-selling range of Electronic Cash Registers

May 2010

Sharp UK today announced the addition of three new models in a black finish for their existing range of XE-A Electronic Cash Registers. The XE-A102, XE-A203, XE-A213, which together make up Sharp’s most successful range of ECRs, will now be available in contemporary black, to blend  in with the most style-conscious of environments. These new additions to the current light grey models, which have proved so popular with end-users, will give retailers a choice of finishes to fit in with their store interiors.

The three XE-A models form the basis of Sharp’s entry-level ECR offering, and target small, start-up and growing businesses, as well as hospitality outlets. The XE-A102 offers reliable printing and a bright LED display all in a compact design, while the XE-A203 adds a fast thermal printer and larger lockable cash drawer to cope with the demands of busier outlets. The XE-A213 has a spill-proof keyboard making it ideal for hospitality users.

Sharp UK’s EPoS/ECR product manager, Kevin English, commented: “Sharp’s XE-A range of Electronic cash Registers has proven to be an outstanding sales success over the past 4 years and we are certain that the stylish new black colour scheme will give us incremental growth to our product line-up.”


New space-saving Electronic Cash Register series from Sharp

October 2009


The compact, stylish design of the ERA280 terminals includes a host of features and benefits for retail and hospitality environments.

The new ERA280F and ERA280N terminals have the best functionality for electronic cash registers of this category and offer four RS232 slots for scanning or future system expansion, as well as an integrated SD card slot to fully back up data and offer peace of mind.

Key features:

  • Large 4 / 8 line operator display
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • 7 segment, 10 digit customer display
  • Stylish modern, black design
  • 4 serial ports
  • 1 sheet fast thermal printer allowing high quality 58mm wide receipts
  • Electronic journal
  • Detachable/lockable cash drawer for enhanced security
  • ERA280F 70 responsive touch keys (spill proof)
  • ERA280N 51 raised, soft touch keys
The ERA280 series also has full reporting capabilities, as well as GLU tracking - a must for any café or restaurant together with reliable printing and scanning abilities. To help maximise selling opportunities an advanced feature also includes the ability to set promotions by amount discount or percentage discount.


Find out more:

Sharp EPOS Now Recruiting Dealers

November 2009

Sharp Electronics UK Ltd is currently recruiting EPoS dealers in the UK.  If you are an established EPoS dealer with experience in the industry we want to talk with you.