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Our resources section includes a glossary, model specific manuals, FAQs, details of where to get product support, information on where to purchase Sharp parts, PC link softtware and more.

Which machine are you?

XEA Machine ERA/UP MachineIf you are unsure of which model you are using, please check the label which is usually attached to the side or back of the machine.


Alphanumeric Display

A Sharp Cash Register that is capable of displaying both letters and numeric (2 x Pint of Beer). Top

CCD (Cash Compulsory Declaration)

A popular feature which ensures operators count the Cash amount in the drawer before the sales report is printed, any discrepancies will be highlighted. Top

Clerks or Cashiers

The name referred to for a person who will operate the Sharp Cash Register, the method can vary usually using either an access code, or pre-set key or Real Key. Top

Currency Conversion

A feature on Sharp Cash Registers used to quickly convert prices between different pre programmed conversion rates. Top


Also can be used as a Pre-set Price but usually because there is a limited amount they are programmed as Open and the operator enters the amount followed by the Department key they will be recorded against. Top

Drawer Slot

A handy drawer slot that brings quick, safe storage for large bills and cheques without the hassle of lifting a heavy coin case. Top

ECR (Electronic Cash Register)

Usually small or medium end products. Top

Electronic Journal

A popular feature in these days of environmental awareness the journal is stored in memory (instead of paper trail) and can printed as selected at a later stage. Top

EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale)

Usually high end products. Top

Error Escape

A feature that allows an operator an easy escape from an incorrect key sequence entry. Top


PLU and Departments are assigned to Groups for the purposes of Sales Reports. Top

Interrupt Clerk or Overlap Clerk

Popular feature for bars and other environments where a server can be interrupted by another server. Therefore saving time not having to wait for the first server to finish with their transaction. Top

IRC (Inter-Register Communications)

The term usually given to describe a system of Master and Client Sharp ECRs connected together. Bringing benefits such as consolidated sales reports, shared printers and floating servers. Top

Kitchen Printing

Allows orders to be placed at the Sharp ECR/EPoS and then certain details such as food and preparation to be printed on the Kitchen Printer Top

Kitchen/Remote Printer

An external Receipt/Bill or Kitchen Printer that can be placed in another location, bringing benefits such as sharing between ECR and print outs in handy locations such as the Kitchen. Top

Logo Graphic Print

Used to print the store name and graphic image and short messages on customers' receipts. Top

Logo Print

Used to print the store name and short messages on customers' receipts. Top

PLU (Price Look Up)

These are pre-set items stored within your Sharp Cash Register the operator usually programs prices and descriptions against these items into the Cash Register and the operator can easily sell these by pressing a single key or entering a PLU code. Allowing for quicker item entry. Top


Used to describe an items that can be preset in memory and allocated to the keyboard as a direct key for quick selling of an item on Sharp Cash Registers. Top

Scanner (Barcode Entry)

Usually an external device emitting a light beam to read a barcodes usually used in convenience stores. Top

Sentinel Alarm

An alarm setting that will notify the operators that the Cash Drawer has reached a set limit, enabling the operator to transfer this amount and improve security. Top

Serial Port

A 9 pin socket that is used to connect external devices such as printers, scales scanners, computer or others devices. Top

Slip Printer

An external printer, usually used to print customer bills on paper sheets. Top

Thermal Printer

An increasingly popular printer type, the text or graphic image is transferred to the paper by a heat plate which produces fast, quiet receipts and reports and eliminates the need for consumable ink ribbons. Top

Training Function

A feature on Sharp Cash registers that allows for operators to be temporarily set up as Training Mode, to learn operations without the amounts being recorded as sales. Top