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Combining traditional cash register functions with the flexibility of a modern colour touch screen machine, the UP-820F brings a new smarter way of working to the fingertips of fast moving hospitality environments. The model also features the familiar sleek design and contemporary two-tone black and grey colour styling of the UP-800 series.

The 58mm thermal printer offers a fast print out at 17 lines per second and the 2-station design is ideal for situations where a journal roll is required.

Based on Sharp's renowned embedded POS technology, the UP-820F is stable and robust and is able to cope with the demands of the hospitality business. The UP-820F is also expandable and it allows for a network of machines to be linked together for a seamless and integrated system. With a total of 144 spill-proof keys, expandable by using the colour LCD touch panel, the UP-820F is the idea workhorse for any growing hospitality outlet that needs a separate journal roll.

To help you get the most out of your EPOS terminals,  Sharp POS Software, a full suite of back office software is available to help monitor stock or to program price changes and much more.

The Sharp ECR Manager system has been developed over the past 20 years and operates in over 2000 sites across the UK. Supported by the national network of experienced Sharp dealers, ECR Manager is available on a wide range of Sharp point of sale equipment from the simple to use cash registers to the more sophisticated touch screen based units.  Within the system there are options to create and maintain PLUs, barcodes, keyboards, currency rates, departments and stock control. Also available, is a comprehensive scheduling system capable of controlling several hundred sites from one or more central computers. Furthermore the ECR Manager operates on any windows XP/Vista computer.  

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The SharpSoft Stock Manager system provides a comprehensive stock control solution for a wide variety of Retail and Hospitality applications.

Supported by the national network of experienced Sharp dealers, Stock Manager is linked exclusively to Sharp point of sale equipment and is fully integrated into SharpSoft’s Ecr Manager package, offering all the extensive features of Ecr Manager with the additional benefits of a tried and tested stock management package.

Hospitality Stock Manager allows quick analysis of apparent stock, bases on point of sales information against the stock ledger. Simple food recipes and mixers can be included in the system to aid accurate postmix and ingredient control.

Retail Stock Manager for use in a scanning environment includes the facility to print bar code and shelf edge labels. The system includes comprehensive reports for apparent stock, re-order, sales analysis, top / worst selling products and stock variance.

In addition the Stock Manager operates on any windows XP/Vista computer.

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Smartcard Manager has been designed with the help and advice of caterers, publicans and retailers. It is a simple yet comprehensive smart card management system, which can be used either linked to standalone Gift and Loyalty terminal or used in conjunction with SharpSoft’s Ecr Manager system and linked to Electronic Cash Register Point of Sale equipment.

As a standalone system, the user can create a database of customers holding such information as name, membership details, points and electronic purse values. Once audit information is imported from the loyalty terminal, up to date card balances and usage reports can be produced.

When used in conjunction with ECR Manager, point of sale transaction information can be used to keep the Smartcard database up to date to show the current state of all cards in use. This information can also be used to create a Purchase History, profiling a card holder’s product preference. Lost or stolen a cards can be hotlisted at any time to stop further usage and the remaining card balances transferred to a replacement card. In addition the Smartcard Manager operates on any windows XP/Vista computer.

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Expand your area of service quickly and cost effectively with a handheld ordering solution available for the UP800, UP3500, and Sharp POS software PC based platforms.

During busy periods, improve your customer service and table turnaround times and your turnover with the Sharp handheld mobile ordering solutions. 

Costly ordering errors can be avoided because items which are entered can be sent directly to the Kitchen Printer in an instant.

The Sharp handheld ordering solution is a scalable and portable system that is ideal garden or pavement areas where it is difficult for a permanent terminal to be installed.

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Sharp has a range of POS terminals that are ideal for the Charity Shop sector.

Sharp’s Premier business partner, CRS launched a cost–effective Gift aid solution in 2008 using the latest easy to use Sharp POS Terminals.

CRS now have in excess of 600 Scanning Terminals delivered throughout the UK to a whole range of Charities.

A specialist software package is also available and it has been designed to work in the charity sector capturing Rag information, Collections, banking details along with sales and Giftaid data, from branches to a central location for statistics and stock control.

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  • Hotel Property Management System Links

Sharp’s range of POS terminals can be linked with a number of Hotel Property Management systems to allow for seamless data transfer.

Restaurant and Bar tabs can be transferred to room accounts electronically, which helps to minimise your admin time and eliminate mistakes as slips of paper do not have to be passed from one location to another.

The potential to eradicate mistakes also allows for customer service to be improved as it removes any queries and over or under charging.


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Monitor the operations on your POS system even when you are not present.

The CCTV system is an affordable and easy to install system which gives you a real time audit of all the operations that take place on your EPOS terminals.

There are even added security benefits with the motion sensing cameras and are useful for areas of your property where you want to restrict access.


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For any busy retail environment, Sharp POS terminals offer support for an affordable and reliable scanning solution which can be easily connected and integrated.

Furthermore the scanning minimises potentially expensive keying in errors, allowing for fast customer service at the point of sale.

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Add the function to create professional and clear shelf edge labels without the need for any additional and costly PC equipment.

Make quick price changes and ensure that your shelf pricing is up to date to reduce any customer confusion.

A quick and high quality printer allows for labels to be created in an instant.

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  • Retail Voucher Redemption (TikTap)

Sharp has partnered with TikTap to use innovative mobile technology to proactively increase the footfall of participating outlets in the UK by introducing a local offer and voucher incentive scheme.

Utilising mobile technology supplied by TikTap, which has been developed by the company behind Orange Wednesdays, local retailers/outlets in the town centre will be able to provide shoppers with instant offers and exclusive promotions redeemable in store via their mobile phones.

The TikTap technology is enabled via a unique pod, which is plugged into a retailer’s EPOS electronic till system. Consumers download the TikTap app, which stores details of all live offers in the area – users ‘Tik’ the ones that appeal.  When they are in the outlet, they simply tap their mobile phones over the pod to redeem the offer, bridging the gap between online, mobile and High Street shopping.

With almost 15% of shops currently standing empty, due to the difficult economic climate and the rise of the online retailer, this new initiative will be launched to businesses over the coming months and aims to be a major part of the strategy to reverse decline in High Street shopping.

TikTap will help small retailers with lower marketing budgets market themselves to a wider audience, as well as larger businesses who already promote traditional offers via bonus card schemes, print vouchers and other more traditional communication channels like direct mailings. It harnesses the use of smartphones, which people carry with them all the time, enabling more effective, targeted offers tailored to new and existing customers.

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