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The Sharp ER-A280N combines a compact, space-saving and stylish design together with advanced and sophisticated functionality for an Electronic Cash Register of this category.

The ideal machine for a growing retail outlet, The ERA280N includes 51 soft-touch and silent raised keys which allow for quick price and quantity entry whilst giving a tactile and responsive feel.

A fast and silent single station thermal printer is included as standard and with a print speed of 15 lines a second, receipts can be produced quickly.

For fast customer service and quick customer turnaround in a retail environment, the ER-A280N allows for a scanner connection and this allows the operator to register items with just one scan and removes the possibility for any potentially costly keying in errors.

To maximise selling opportunities which is very important in a competitive retail environment, the ER-A280N allows for certain promotions to be set.  For example, by amount discount or by percentage discount.

For streamlining routine tasks, the ER-A280N supports for up to 10 Auto Keys which is a useful time-saving feature ideal as it allows a number or key presses to be automated into just one button press.

The ER-A280N is the perfect stylish business tool for any growing retail outlet.

For any busy retail environment, Sharp POS terminals offer support for an affordable and reliable scanning solution which can be easily connected and integrated.

Furthermore the scanning minimises potentially expensive keying in errors, allowing for fast customer service at the point of sale.

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